Definitely watch the Adult Swim livestream link above if you can. This is the best way to view the episode and allows Adult Swim to know how much interest there is in the show, so it will continue to be renewed.

To watch the livestream just click here. Make sure you have the “April Fools” tab at the top clicked.

Rick and Morty

Don’t worry if you don’t catch the episode’s beginning. The episode is on repeat on Adult Swim until midnight (unclear if PST or EST), with just a couple short commercial breaks during the episode.

Fans are uploading mirrors for people who can’t watch in their country. To watch the episode on a mirror click here and here(Note: These links may stop working.)

Here is a video that you can watch right here, for as long as it works, in case Adult Swim’s livestream goes down:

Watch Rick and Morty Season 3 : Adult Swim [ HD VIDEO]