Hundreds of Catholics have visited the family home where the statue is kept, believing they are witnessing a miracle, but a priest has warned them not to jump to conclusions.

A priest has launched an investigation after a Virgin Mary statue appeared to start ‘crying tears of blood’. The small icon of the Virgin of the Mystical Rose, one of the names Catholics use for the Virgin Mary, belongs to a family in Argentina’s Salta province and is still in their home.

Virgin Mary tear blood

The Frías Mendoza family, who live in the city of San José de MetánSan, released the story through a local radio station. A red liquid can be seen on the statue’s face in the clip.

Hundreds of Catholics visited the house over several days as the family’s dining room became makeshift shrine for the statue.

Virgin Mary tear red

The village priest, Gustavo Paredes, visited the home of the Frías Mendoza family where the sacred image remains. For days, the house became a temple visited by hundreds of believers. The dining room of the house was transformed into an improvised Sanctuary that daily visits the neighbors with prayers, thanks and requests.

Virgin Mary statue starts ‘crying BLOOD’