Young Russian Julia Vince that the Internet dubbed “muscular Barbie”, is rapidly gaining fans in Instagram and sets records in powerlifting. What is to be not only beautiful, but also strong on its programs of training and nutrition Julia.

Julia 18 years old, and she is engaged in weightlifting is only since September 2012. At the world championships AWPC 2014 she won the best sum of the season in the world (440 kg with a body weight of 64 kg). The bench press Julia lifted 100 kg in the deadlift – 165 kg, sit down – 175 kg. Its volume is 40.5 cm biceps For comparison. When 20-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger became a “Mr. Universe” in 1967, he had the figure was 52 cm.

Unlike bodybuilding, where important muscle relief, powerlifters chasing power indicators. It would seem that the girl probably would have come first, but Julia thinks otherwise.

– Why did you start practicing weightlifting? What prompted this?

– I have always been thin and weak. Originally came to the gym to become a stronger, a year later I was told that I have the potential, offered to do weightlifting, as it turned out – for good reason. Now I am the champion and world record holder in powerlifting version AWPC.

– Was not the desire, let us down, stop at some point?

– I see no reason to stop. Now my appearance completely corresponds to my inner world, but there are some things over which still need to work hard.

– Are there any thoughts go in bodybuilding, in the category of body fitness, for example?

– I like to watch athletes acting in these categories. But I do not like bodybuilding and everything connected with it in terms of refereeing. In powerlifting, you can go out, to do everything perfectly and no judge will be able to spoil something. In bodybuilding is quite different … Most judges are biased, for various reasons. I love when the competition all depends on the athlete, not the judge.

– How often do you exercise? Can you describe your training program?

– I train 4 times a week. On Tuesday, I do bench press and exercise hands on Thursday doing squats and deadlifts, and on that day alone train legs. On Friday – the work on the speed of the bench press, train the upper back and arms again. Sunday – work on speed in the squat and deadlift, leg workout. Also at each workout shake the press and do hyperextension to strengthen the lower back. I train at Westside Barbell system.

Reference: Westside Barbell system authorship powerlifter Louie Simmons is based on three methods · maximal effort method, repetition method, the dynamic forces. In the world are used, such exercises in this program as box squats and use rubber bands.

It is difficult to tell how many sets and reps, because the each workout I have to change anything. For example, squats: a box, a front squat, with bands, with chains and so on.

Top 5 most important exercises of Julia Vince

1. Squats

2. Bench press

3. Deadlift

4. Trainers

5. Exercises for the press

– You were engaged with a trainer or independently in the beginning? And now?

– I started to engage without a coach, and it was my biggest mistake. I wasted a lot of time. Every athlete, if he wants to succeed, must deal with the coach. Independently view and analyze their mistakes impossible. This requires a lot of experience. Now my coach was my partner in training, we are now together constitute the program for us and other people.

– What is your diet, how many meals a day?

– Power depends on getting ready for the competition, I or not. In preparation, I keep to a diet and exclude fast carbs. I eat rice, buckwheat, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy products.

– Do you drink sports nutrition and the role it plays in your training?

– Yes, I use a large amount of sports nutrition, because I think that for a woman of normal health needs natural training, without the use of pharmaceuticals. But in order to progress and to raise a lot, you need high-quality restoration. Sport helps me feel good in training. Sport always accept, even at rest.

– At what time period you build your life plan?

– I believe that it is impossible to live one day. So always I think about the future, watch your health, work, and do not hurry. You can catch all the year, to squeeze out of myself last strength, to show unrealistic results in the competition, and then injured and disappear from the sport forever. I chose a different path, I’m not forcing, and quietly go to their goal, showing progress every competition.

– Why can not often build muscle or get a new weight in humans?

– Only because of the errors on which to work.

– Can you advise the girl to engage in self-assertion in powerlifting? What is the reaction of the girl should be expected from young people? Many fear “siphon”.

– Can assert itself in different ways. Personally, my confidence has added only that I was finally beginning to like my appearance. If there are no goals to go to great weight categories, it can not be afraid, just “pumped” is not possible, it will take a lot of time and effort, many simply can not stand it. Young people are different, but in my experience, girls sports often have any advantages over the conventional.

– What is your hobby, is there any hobbies?

I am the distributor of the Finnish company «METAL» for equipment manufacturing for powerlifting, brand ambassador «RSP nutrition» – an American company of sports nutrition, coaching people remotely and often take part in various TV shows, in general, my main hobby – it’s my job.

Julia Vins