We find monkeys entering our place or even foxes and snakes, but we can manage to face and handle them. But what about a huge animal coming just in front of us?

Rest is the story that you need to read below!

I am talking about rhino.
The rhino was wandering in the forest.

Some tourists were passing through the area.
Rhino Attaack Car

The car encountered with rhino.
car encountered with rhino


SUV Car gets smashed by rhino
The SUV (full of tourists) gets smashed by the rhinoceros in full speed.

The courage
Car smashed by rhino
Can you imagine the situation?

What about the tourists?
Car Hit by rhino
Well, the people were lucky enough that they got to survive the huge attack.

Have a look at the whole scenario here.

Well, rhinoceros are not always scary, they can also be sweet sometimes. Read the story of Rhinos who lost their mother will make you cry.