[ads1]The Jaden Smith Dead reports just keep on coming. After rumors suggested that the 18-year-old actor took his own life, new reports now reveal that he attended a Drake concert first before committing suicide. Are all these true?

If you’ve read any Jaden Smith dead reports recently, you are not alone. A ton of stories published online are talking about the young star’s death. Thankfully, the rumors have been debunked and Jaden Smith is alive and well.

Jaden smith Dead

Will Smith quickly turned down the rumors after bringing his son with him to the Suicide Squad premiere in Japan. The younger Smith has also released a new music video with Rich the Kid, Like This.

Jaden Smith Dead after Drake Concert?

Notably though, reports about the young star attending a Drake Tour concert are true. Jaden was hanging out with Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth and Brandi Cyrus at Drizzy’s LA show on Sept 7. The crew looked lit as they entered the concert grounds, with Miley looking her over-the-top self in a red crop top, low baggy pants and big gold bling, Hollywood Life noted.
As for Jaden, he kept it on the down low, opting for black skinny jeans and a jacket. Liam Hemsworth style was evident at the concert as well, wearing his signature baseball cap, jeans and a brown leather jacket.

Jaden Smith suicide video

In relation, per a Morning Ledger report, the suicide video of Will Smith and Jada Smith’s son is a “complete bust.” This source reveals that the Jaden Smith suicide video is actually a type of malware. It asks for a user’s permission to share on his Facebook page so that it can share the Jaden Smith dead article without the user knowing.

“This type of online virus also takes private information from your Facebook, which then spreads more questionable articles in turn,” notes the outlet.

As mentioned in a previous Chatt Sports Net report, Jaden Smith is yet to address all the death rumors which continue to swirl around him. Should he do so, you’ll definitely hear it from us. For more on the truth to “Jaden Smith dead” rumors and headlines, visit Chatt Sports Net.