Representatives have confirmed that the topless images of 19-year-old #GameofThrones star Maisie Williams are genuine and were leaked online via a social media hack. The young actress is the latest in a long list of (predominantly) female artists to have their online accounts hacked, and cause an internet-wide feeding frenzy in the process.

Maisie Williams Leaked Photo

The sexy images in question feature the young actress perched upon a rock wearing only black bikini bottoms, and of her undressing with a couple of friends, and were intended to be shared only within her Facebook inner circle. Somehow however, they found their way onto Reddit.

Maisie Williams Leaked Photo

Her representatives offered the following statement to Page Six:

The images online were shared from Maisie’s personal social media account. The images are not explicit in nature, but pictures of Maisie and close friends at a spa at a recent visit in Japan.

When asked, the rep did not comment on how the images wound up on Reddit, nor what steps would be taken to ensure the future safety of her accounts.

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