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Boy Was Slowly Turning Into A Stone When A Celebrity Came In For Help

Stone Boy Photo

The story of a boy turning into stone sounds like a fairytale, but for 11-year-old Ramesh Kumari, this story is a reality. He lives with an extremely rare skin condition that left him deformed and barely able to move, but his life was changed by a celebrity’s generosity and will to make a difference.

Stone Boy Photo

His story is shocking, but the help he receives from the most unexpected of places is truly inspiring. Let’s read more about him.


#1 Ramesh Was Like Any Other Baby At Birth

Stone Boy Ramesh

Ramesh Kumari was born a normal baby in Nepal, but 15 days after birth something peculiar began to happen. Ramesh began growing hard, black scales were appearing on top of his skin and his mother was all terrified.

#2 Doctors Claimed It Was Simply A Fungal Infection

Stone Boy
Ramesh’s mother Nar took him to doctor and they told her there was nothing they could do. It turns out it was not a simple fungal infection, but something far more serious.
#3 His Condition Is Extremely Rare And Debilitating

Stone Boy Opration

Ramesh was eventually diagnosed with a genetic condition called harlequin ichthyosis. It is a rare genetic disorder that causes a child’s skin to grow hard and thick, and it requires intensive treatment and care.

#4 His Parent’s Couldn’t Afford His Care

Stone Boy Treatment

Ramesh’s parents, Nar and Nanda, couldn’t possibly afford the necessary treatments to cure his condition. All they could do was make their young son as comfortable as possible. He could hardly move or speak, and it was almost impossible to make friends. Ramesh needed a miracle.

#5 One Star Saved The Day When She Came To Town

British soul singer Joss Stone

#6 The Joss Stone Foundation Was Raising Money For Ramesh

Her concert in Kathmandu was being held to raise money for the little boy’s treatments. The singer even visited Ramesh and brought him gifts, a charitable act by a generous celebrity.

#7 The Little Boy’s Condition Began To Improve


Ramesh was in bad shape when he started treatment, but with the generosity of the Joss Stone Foundation, he is expected to be able to walk again. This is a remarkable act of selflessness by a celebrity, and her help has changed this young boy’s life forever.

Salma Hayek Knew The Best Picture Oscar in Black Gown


Salma Hayek walked the 2017 Oscars red carpet in a jaw-dropping lace gown. After wearing an ultrafeminine Gucci number to this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, the actress opted for a sexy Alexander McQueen gown for this award show. Salma accessorized the look with a simple black clutch, chandelier earrings, and a casual diamond headband. Look ahead for more pictures from Salma’s gorgeous appearance, which is only one of many.

The 50-year-old actress dazzled in a Alexander McQueen gown which showed off plenty of skin behind sheer black lace.


The Mexico-born talent complimented her revealing evening gown with a dazzling diamond headband and angelic looking skin on the red carpet.


Sanskrit Version Of ‘Cheap Thrills’ Video Is Going Viral

Sanskrit Cheap Thrills Video

[ads1]This whole ‘versions’ of the famous dance number ‘Cheap Thrills’ can actually have a genre of its own. After probably umpteen revamped versions (some of which were actually really good), here’s another one, right from the ‘sanskar’ hood.

Sanskrit Cheap Thrills Video

A Sanskrit version of ‘Cheap Thrills’ is doing the rounds and it is pretty entertaining. The song has been sung and translated as an attempt to promote the ancient language. Decide for yourself about how do you feel about this version. Why Sanskrit you ask? Well, because ‘sanskar’ wins over anything else! Also, it might be the next ‘pooja’ anthem.

Sanskrit Cheap Thrills Video :

Game Of Thrones Premiere Sparks Increase In Porn Searches


Spring has sprung, but winter is cumming (see what we did there). With the highly anticipated Season 6 premiere of HBO’s Game Of Thrones under our belts, it seems we all want to literally get under our belts – with Pornhub’s searches for GOT 370% higher than usual. With 60 million daily visitors, Pornhub reported that their traffic dropped by 4% the night of the premiere, as hundreds of thousands of Americans put their Sunday night porn viewing on hold to tune in.

In fact, throughout the whole of 2015, Game Of Thrones has been popular in porn. On Pornhub, GOT-related searches went up by at least an average 80% every Sunday evening. What are people searching for? There is a culmination of characters and medieval scenarios.

Game Of Thrones

When looking at all of Pornhub’s data, the actors that feature most heavily in fans’ fantasy searches are Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell), and Sibel Kekilli (Shae). Get this, though: fans will know Missandei, Khaleesi’s second hand lady. In porn land, Missandei trumps Khaleesi (Daenerys Targaryen) in search terms. Who’s the Queen now, Mother Of Dragons?

Secrets Julia Vince: Russian Girl has become known Worldwide Powerlifter


Young Russian Julia Vince that the Internet dubbed “muscular Barbie”, is rapidly gaining fans in Instagram and sets records in powerlifting. What is to be not only beautiful, but also strong on its programs of training and nutrition Julia.

Julia 18 years old, and she is engaged in weightlifting is only since September 2012. At the world championships AWPC 2014 she won the best sum of the season in the world (440 kg with a body weight of 64 kg). The bench press Julia lifted 100 kg in the deadlift – 165 kg, sit down – 175 kg. Its volume is 40.5 cm biceps For comparison. When 20-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger became a “Mr. Universe” in 1967, he had the figure was 52 cm.

Unlike bodybuilding, where important muscle relief, powerlifters chasing power indicators. It would seem that the girl probably would have come first, but Julia thinks otherwise.

– Why did you start practicing weightlifting? What prompted this?

– I have always been thin and weak. Originally came to the gym to become a stronger, a year later I was told that I have the potential, offered to do weightlifting, as it turned out – for good reason. Now I am the champion and world record holder in powerlifting version AWPC.

– Was not the desire, let us down, stop at some point?

– I see no reason to stop. Now my appearance completely corresponds to my inner world, but there are some things over which still need to work hard.

– Are there any thoughts go in bodybuilding, in the category of body fitness, for example?

– I like to watch athletes acting in these categories. But I do not like bodybuilding and everything connected with it in terms of refereeing. In powerlifting, you can go out, to do everything perfectly and no judge will be able to spoil something. In bodybuilding is quite different … Most judges are biased, for various reasons. I love when the competition all depends on the athlete, not the judge.

– How often do you exercise? Can you describe your training program?

– I train 4 times a week. On Tuesday, I do bench press and exercise hands on Thursday doing squats and deadlifts, and on that day alone train legs. On Friday – the work on the speed of the bench press, train the upper back and arms again. Sunday – work on speed in the squat and deadlift, leg workout. Also at each workout shake the press and do hyperextension to strengthen the lower back. I train at Westside Barbell system.

Reference: Westside Barbell system authorship powerlifter Louie Simmons is based on three methods · maximal effort method, repetition method, the dynamic forces. In the world are used, such exercises in this program as box squats and use rubber bands.

It is difficult to tell how many sets and reps, because the each workout I have to change anything. For example, squats: a box, a front squat, with bands, with chains and so on.

Top 5 most important exercises of Julia Vince

1. Squats

2. Bench press

3. Deadlift

4. Trainers

5. Exercises for the press

– You were engaged with a trainer or independently in the beginning? And now?

– I started to engage without a coach, and it was my biggest mistake. I wasted a lot of time. Every athlete, if he wants to succeed, must deal with the coach. Independently view and analyze their mistakes impossible. This requires a lot of experience. Now my coach was my partner in training, we are now together constitute the program for us and other people.

– What is your diet, how many meals a day?

– Power depends on getting ready for the competition, I or not. In preparation, I keep to a diet and exclude fast carbs. I eat rice, buckwheat, vegetables, meat, eggs, dairy products.

– Do you drink sports nutrition and the role it plays in your training?

– Yes, I use a large amount of sports nutrition, because I think that for a woman of normal health needs natural training, without the use of pharmaceuticals. But in order to progress and to raise a lot, you need high-quality restoration. Sport helps me feel good in training. Sport always accept, even at rest.

– At what time period you build your life plan?

– I believe that it is impossible to live one day. So always I think about the future, watch your health, work, and do not hurry. You can catch all the year, to squeeze out of myself last strength, to show unrealistic results in the competition, and then injured and disappear from the sport forever. I chose a different path, I’m not forcing, and quietly go to their goal, showing progress every competition.

– Why can not often build muscle or get a new weight in humans?

– Only because of the errors on which to work.

– Can you advise the girl to engage in self-assertion in powerlifting? What is the reaction of the girl should be expected from young people? Many fear “siphon”.

– Can assert itself in different ways. Personally, my confidence has added only that I was finally beginning to like my appearance. If there are no goals to go to great weight categories, it can not be afraid, just “pumped” is not possible, it will take a lot of time and effort, many simply can not stand it. Young people are different, but in my experience, girls sports often have any advantages over the conventional.

– What is your hobby, is there any hobbies?

I am the distributor of the Finnish company «METAL» for equipment manufacturing for powerlifting, brand ambassador «RSP nutrition» – an American company of sports nutrition, coaching people remotely and often take part in various TV shows, in general, my main hobby – it’s my job.

Julia Vins

Ariel Winter Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2017! [PHOTOS]

Ariel Winter

Valentine’s Day was the occasion for stars like Kylie Jenner, Ariel Winter, or Chrissy Teigen to celebrate love in different ways.

Ariel Winter left little to the imagination in her revealing outfits for Valentine’s Day. The Modern Family star sported two looks that showed off some serious skin.Ariel Winter is no stranger to flaunting her curvy figure. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, she took to social media to post one of her steamiest pics to date.

The image shows her embracing her beau, Levi Meaden, while she has her legs wrapped around his waist. Winter was wearing a bright blue bikini that with a thong bottom that barely preserved her modesty.

“Happy Valentine’s Day #valentines,” Ariel captioned the racy pic.

Ariel Winter

Since posting on Instagram, Ariel’s risqué pic racked up more than 135k likes and thousands of comments.

Ariel Winter and her 29-year-old boyfriend seemed to be totally infatuated with one another. They are regularly sharing pictures of each other on social media that shows them barely able to keep their hands off of one another.

Ariel Winter

Do you think this is Ariel Winter’s sexiest look ever?

Ariel Winter Hot

Japan Invents Full Body Virtual Reality Masturbation Suit Video

Virtual Reality Sex suit

[ads1]We’ve all seen the intense graphics of some of the gaming consoles we have today. When the Nintendo Wii came out years back it allowed a lot of to gather around the television with our families and actually interact with our video games, rather than just sitting in front of the screen, shovelling Chee-tos into our mouths and guzzling unhealthy amounts of Mountain Dew into our systems without our eyes leaving the screen. It looks like gaming will be headed into an entirely new direction as virtual reality headsets are being introduced by multiple tech companies. From Samsung to Google it looks like virtual reality headsets are going to be the new wave, but what Japanese tech company Tenga is doing with virtual reality is sure to either creep you out or excite you… Either way, we won’t judge you, take a look for yourself below.

Virtual Reality Sex suit

As you can see the young man’s jaw dropped in complete bliss as he penetrates an anime version of a sweet young tender. We know some of you are asking is this technology going to pass health inspection for multiple users, some of you are thinking how disgusting, and others are slightly interested in getting your hands on one of these full body contraptions. The Japanese developer, Tenga, completed this full body interactive system by utilizing a similar headset to the well-known Oculus Rift that allows users to see into an entirely virtual world. A bodysuit with sensors attached is included to simulate as if someone is touching the user. Also, two moving breast like additions and a device to strap the user’s genitals into, complete the contraption. We have one question, would you be willing to strap yourself into this virtual reality sex machine?

We do have a couple issues with the device though… For instance, how do the ladies get in on the virtual reality action? Also, if the young man in this video was to be brought to ‘completion’ by his virtual honeybun while still wearing the suit, in which we’re glad we didn’t have to witness, how does that work? Where does the… nevermind. We see some flaws in this system, but according to Tenga you can go for a ride of a lifetime for about $300. We’ll pass… we hope that thing is being sanitized correctly and the people of Japan go back to the traditional way of things of courting or just purchasing sexual favors like some of America’s political figures do.

Virtual Reality Masturbation Sex Suit Video